Problem: Irritated Skin

On this site, we have put together our products that effectively fight delicate, sensitive and irritated skin.

The skin can become sore for many reasons and at any time in life. It occurs when the skin's protective barrier is destroyed, making the skin more susceptible to external irritants such as bacteria, chemicals and allergens.

The symptoms can appear on the face and scalp as well as on the body and can cause rashes, flaking, swelling and itching. In case of skin irritation, it is important that you care for the skin and keep it moist as well as helping it heal.

Below you will find our products for irritation. There is definitely one that can help and minimize your problem.
RAZspa Repair, 100 ml.
Fantastic repairing product for both face and body.
RAZspa Repair, 15 ml.
Fantastic repairing product for both face and body.
RAZspa E Vitamin 100%, 30 ml.
100% pure natural vitamin E. Very healing. Good for scars and sensitive skin.
Skyn Iceland Artic Repair Cream, 250 ml.
A rich, non-greasy cream for face and body. Calms and adds intense, lasting hydration.
RazSpa Face Cream SPF 30, Calm, 50 ml.
A soothing and protective face cream. For normal/sensitive skin.
Payot Crème Nº 2 Original, 30 ml.
SOS ointment against redness and irritations. Emergency skin care. Fragrance-free.
Payot Crème Nº 2 Peel-Off Mask, 10 gr.
Extremely soothing peel-off mask that calms tired and irritated skin.
RAZspa Ai Anti Irritation, 300 ml.
Targeted irritated and problematic skin. Relieves itching.