Geo F Trumper Alum Block, 100 gr.

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Give your skin the ultimate aftershave care with Geo F. Trumper Alum Blok, the classic choice for men's aftershave routine.

Made from naturally occurring potassium, Alum Blokken has a mild antiseptic effect.

After your daily shave, it helps reduce itching and irritation, while closing pores, killing bacteria and stopping minor bleeding.

Used as follows:
Simply moisten the block with water and then run it around your face after shaving. The soothing effect will immediately soothe the skin and leave it fresh and refreshed.

As the original aftershave, Geo F. Trumper Alum Blok has proven its effectiveness and reliability over the years. It is a must-have product in every man's grooming routine.

Pamper your skin with the natural care from Geo F. Trumper Alum Blok and experience the classic feeling of well-being after shaving.

Order your block today and enjoy a refreshing and comfortable shaving experience.
100 gr.
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