Mühle Shaving Set with Safety Razor, Fine Badger Brush and Stand, Kosmo, Bog Oak

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With a Mühle shaving set you have the perfect gift for your husband or boyfriend - or just for someone you love. The kit is suitable for him that goes up in quality and delicious materials.

The shaving set from Mühle's Kosmo series is made in Moseeg, which impresses with its beautiful striped markings. The handle in Moseeg is made from tree trunks that have been embedded in bogs and can be up to 3,000 years old.

The kit contains the following 3 parts:

1. A safety razor The
safety razor is the perfect combination of form and function - Simply a fantastic example of modern craftsmanship that completes your classic wet shave.

2. A Barber's Brush
Hair is characterized as the Finest Badger. These bristles are somewhat firmer than the Silvertip Badger. You will thus have a massaging effect on the skin and in addition you will get a delicious creamy foam out of your shaving soap or shaving cream.

The knot size of the brush is 21 mm, and is therefore referred to as a Medium size.

3. A stand
This shaving brush should be treated like any other shaving brush: Dry your head down in circulating air and clean thoroughly in clean water after each shave. The stand is perfect for the purpose.

Remember to see Proshaves guide to the perfect shave
Bog oak
Brush type:
Finest Badger
Knot size:
21 mm.
Razor type:
Closed comb (DE)
Item number:S 281 H 873 SR