Mühle Shaving Set with Safety Razor, Black Fibre Brush, Stand and Bowl, Vivo, Brown Horn

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Here's the gift for the man who doesn't go down on equipment: A delicious, high-quality shaving set from Mühle.

The shaving set is made of resin, but resembles horns. Resin is a very durable material and you can therefore enjoy the shaving set for many years to come.

The set consists of 4 matching parts that are guaranteed to decorate your bathroom:

1. A shaving bowl
In the bowl, foam your favorite shaving soap or shaving cream into a delicious, creamy shaving cream.

2. A Shaving Brush
Made of Black Fiber. Black Fiber is soft, vegan quality hair in a dark color. Black Fiber is very high quality synthetic hair which has just as good properties as natural hair. However, the fibers are somewhat more robust and can also be used by vegans.

The brush has a knot size of 21 mm, which corresponds to a size M.

3. A razor
The razor fits the classic Double Edge Razor Blades. DE razor blades have the great advantage that they are very cheap and therefore you will save less money in the future if you apply these blades during your daily shaving.

4. A chrome stand
For shaving brush and razor. By hanging your brush and razor on the stand, excess water can run off after shaving. It ensures the shaving life.

Remember to see Proshave's guide to ultimate shaving.
Horn (imit.)
Brush type:
Black Fibre
Knot size:
21 mm.
Razor type:
Closed comb (DE)
Item number:S 21 M 332 SSR