Mühle Safety Razor, Vivo, Plum Wood

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The new "Vivo" series from Mühle further refines and reinterprets the classic design of its predecessors.

The soft shape of the razor ensures a firm grip and the surface is very comfortable to touch. The chrome-plated brass parts make it very stylish.

The handle is made of Plumwood, which is one of the most valuable European wood species. It is characterized by its dark red-brown color and is considered one of the hardest types of wood.

Shaving with a Safety razor requires a bit of practice, just like anything new. The skin also needs some time to get used to the shaving. Follow these instructions and get started with your Safety razor:

- Moisten the skin thoroughly with warm water.
- Rub a little Pre-shave into the skin.
- Make a lovely foamy shaving cream in your shaving bowl and foam it up with the shaving brush.
- Thoroughly massage the shaving cream into the skin with the diet to lift the stumps. The more you foam your beard, the easier your razor will slide.
- It is recommended that you keep your Safety razor at a blunt angle (about 30 °) to the skin.
- Start with cheeks and allow the razor to slide lightly over the skin. Always remember to shave your beard.

Fits the classic razor blades.

Plum wood
Razor type:
Closed comb (DE)
Item number:R 331 SR