Mühle Safety Razor, Purist, Karelian Burl Birch

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The 'Purist' series is designed simply - here the focus is on the beautiful craftsmanship of beautifully worked wood. Characteristic of this series is the design, where the handle has a weak arch and a wide shaped collar at the top.

This razor is made of Karelian burl birch, a special wood species that grows around the Mediterranean, originally used to create decorative objects because of its great color play. The wood is both durable and water resistant.

Shaving with a Safety razor requires a bit of practice, just like anything new. The skin also needs some time to get used to the shaving. If you haven't shaved in the old-school way before, follow these instructions:

- Moisten the skin thoroughly with warm water.
- Rub a little Pre-shave into the skin.
- Make a lovely foamy shaving cream in your shaving bowl and foam it up with the shaving brush.
- Thoroughly massage the shaving cream into the skin with the shaving brush to lift the stumps. The more you foam your beard, the easier your razor will slide.
- It is recommended that you keep your Safety razor at a blunt angle (about 30 °) to the skin.
- Start with cheeks and allow the razor to slide lightly over the skin. Always remember to shave your beard.

The (Double Edge) razor fits the classic razor blades.
Karelian burl birk
Razor type:
Closed comb (DE)
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