Mühle Safety Razor, Kosmo, Black Resin

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Mühle Shaving makes the finest high quality Safety razors. This razor is extremely durable and you will enjoy the sight of it for many years to come.

This model from the Kosmo series is made of Black Artificial Resin, which is a very durable material. The razors have great chrome details that make it stylish and delicious.

It takes a bit of practice to shave with a Safety razor, but if you follow these tips, the shaving will be a little easier from the start:

- Moisten the area with a beard with warm water
- Use one of Mühle's delicious shaving cream or shaving soap
- Foam it thoroughly with a brush - the longer you foam the beard, the lighter and more gentle the hair is cut
- check that the razor's head and grip are not loose. Only tighten the screw to the extent that it can be screwed without too much trouble. This ensures that the blade is at the correct angle.
- You can now begin your shave.
- Hold the Safety razor at an angle of approx. 30 ° to the skin.
- Start with the cheeks and allow the razor to slide over the skin with a slight pressure.
- Shave only in the direction of the hair.
- When shaving your neck: Tighten your skin with your free hand.

The Safety razor fits the classic razor blades.

Comes with a short instruction and a knife.

Remember to see Proshave's guide to the perfect shave.
Razor type:
Closed comb (DE)
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