Mühle R41 Safety Razor, Open Comb, Rosegold

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A good quality wet shaving razor that lasts for many years. It is super good for a strong and longer beard.

This version is made in Rose Gold - a color that your boyfriend will love too. Buy a holder for this and we are sure she will leave your razor in the best place in the bathroom.

The "teeth" in the open comb tighten the skin and allow the beard hair to rise to the blade. The Mühle R41 is the perfect choice if you need to shave very long stumps or trim the edges of your full beard.

It takes a little getting used to using a Safety razor - also for your skin. But once you get the routine going, you never go back to a Gillette razor again. Under the "guides" tab in the upper left corner you can get tips for the perfect shave.

Comes with a short instruction and a knife.

Fits classic razor blades.
Razor type:
Open comb (DE)
Item number:R 41 RG