Moon Soaps Shaving Soap, Sorrento, 170 gr.
A fresh, youthful and energetic citrus scent. Exudes spring and summer.
Moon Soaps Shaving Soap, Trade Winds, 170 gr.
A light and crisp summer scent with notes of lime, tobacco, cedar and bergamot.
Moon Soaps Shaving Cream, Amaretto Speciale, 170 gr.
A Tribute to Classic Italian Shaving - Why: Notes of Almond.
Moon Soaps Shaving Soap, Old School, 170 gr.
Signature scent from Moon. Notes of Tobacco, vetiver, leather, mahogany and vanilla.
Moon Soaps Shaving Cream, Tobacco Flower, 170 gr.
Pure and green scent with notes of the vibrant, flowering tobacco plant.
Moon Soaps Shaving Soap, Havana, 170 gr.
An intoxicatingly fresh and masculine fragrance blend. Must be experienced!
Moon Soaps Shaving Soap, Union, 170 gr.
Classic, American barbershop fragrance with i.a. lemon, sandalwood and nutmeg.
Moon Soaps Shaving Soap, Warmest Regards, 170 gr.
A warm scent - perfect for autumn and the colder months.