Moon Soaps Shaving Soap, Bixby, 170 gr.

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Before this shaving soap was mixed, Moon knew exactly what the soap should be: Huge amounts of tallow, like soap used to be.

This gives it an exquisite smoothness and protection on the skin!

The shaving soap is handmade from scratch and made from only the finest quality ingredients such as natural plant oils, locally produced tallow, exotic butters, local essential oils and premium fragrances.

This Kokum Butter and Tallow soap formulation is unique to Bixby and provides excellent lubrication, moisture and protection to the skin during shaving.

Lather up the soap with your shaving brush and you will achieve a thick and delicious shaving foam.

The soap is part of the Bixby range, which is inspired by the majestic Bixby Bridge located on scenic Highway 1 near Big Sur, California. Moon wanted to capture the essence and beauty of the bridge. The bridge was completed in 1932, so Moon Soaps has brought a little 1930s feel to the packaging.

An uplifting and exciting fragrance with a touch of sweetness. Perfect for everyday use at any time of the year. Bixby has an enticing blend of black tea, tonka, smoky vanilla, black volcanic sea salt, coastal driftwood, black pepper, Italian bergamot, jasmine, green apple and musk.

Made in the USA.
170 gr.
Item number:EN-67209