Zwilling Tanrei

Here you will find the selection of the delicious Zwilling Tanrei kitchen knives. The Tanrei series is a new era of knife. Japanese blacksmithing, which we combine with German technology.

A new dimension has been made possible by the new premium steel. ZWILLING developed this steel and used it for the first time in the new Tanrei knife series. Tanrei consists of six Japanese knives in a unique Damascus design and made of 101 layers of a completely newly developed steel and an FC63 core. This guarantees superior hardness and edge retention. The combination of the Japanese tradition of knives and ZWILLING becomes Tanrei – The perfect combination.

Six different knives that share the most important quality characteristics of master knives: All the cutting tools in the series are made in Seki, Japan, and are true originals, products of traditional craftsmanship, hand-ground by true masters of their craft. The ultra-hard knives with a hardness of 63 HRC are very sharp, but at the same time flexible and rust-resistant. All knives are designed in their own way with a unique damask pattern, typical of Japanese knives, which seamlessly flows through to the handle.

The ergonomic handle with three rivets and fine micarta handle complete the Tanrei knives in an ideal way, both visually and haptically. The result is a new dimension of Japanese knives in ZWILLING quality - so your kitchen also gets a completely new dimension.

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Herb knife of very high quality.
Before 294.00 €
Ideal for both cutting meat and fish or chopping vegetables and herbs.
Before 306.50 €
Ideal for chopping and slicing large quantities of vegetables.
Before 373.50 €
Perfect for chopping herbs, slicing vegetables and cutting meat and fish.
Before 373.50 €
Traditional bread knife of extremely high quality.
Before 373.50 €
Ideal for cutting meat and fish or for carving a roast.
Before 373.50 €