Truefitt & Hill Samples

Truefitt & Hill manufactures some of the most exquisite products on the market. Are you curious to try them before buying a full-size product? Then, of course, we have the solution.

We have samples of a large part of the products in the assortment. You can buy a scent sample of some of Truefitt's exclusive scents, try the shaving creams, or try an aftershave. That way, you avoid buying the wrong product.

Truefitt & Hill has the status as the world's oldest barber shop. Since it all began back in 1805, the company has been manufacturing products for the uncompromising man. In fact, this includes the Royal English family, members of the English Parliament, and leading businessmen around the world.

Try all the colognes from Truefitt.
Before 24.30 €
Try all the shaving creams and aftershaves from Truefitt.
Before 37.80 €
Try all the shaving creams, aftershaves and colognes from Truefitt.
Before 62.10 €
Truefitt & Hill Pre Shave Oil Sample, 1.5 ml.
Protects, moisturizes and softens both skin and stubbles.
Truefitt & Hill Mayfair Shaving Cream Sample Pack
Nourishing and protective shaving cream with a wonderful scent!
Truefitt & Hill Mayfair Aftershave Balm Sample Pack
Caring and protective aftershave with a wonderful scent!
Truefitt & Hill Trafalgar Cologne Sample
Try the Trafalgar Cologne with this Sample.
Truefitt & Hill Sandalwood Cologne Sample
Try the Sandalwood Cologne with this sample.
Truefitt & Hill Sample Mayfair
A modern take on a classic cologne with citrus and floral notes.