Taylor Of Old Bond Street Shaving Brush

At this site, you can see the assortment of shaving brushes from Taylor Of Old Bond Street. You'll find Shaving Brushes in Pure Badger and Super Badger quality.

The Super Badger is the highest quality of natural, rough hair. The bristles are the most expensive and best of the badger. A shaving brush like this one is very soft and really exclusive to work with.

Pure Badger is the most common type of badger hair and also the least expensive. The natural, rough hair is very flexible. The bristles are slightly coarser than for the Super Badger, but they have a massaging effect on the skin, which prepares the beard stubble for subsequent shaving.
Taylor Of Old Bond Street Shaving Brush, Super Fiber, 9 cm, Ivory
Shaving Brush in Synthetic Fiber. Handle of imitation ivory.