Taylor Of Old Bond Street Shaving Brush, Pure Badger, 13 cm, 28 mm. knot, Ivory

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Taylor Of Old Bond Street makes world-class shaving - and this shaving brush is no exception. It is both beautiful, durable and made of the best materials.

The shaving brush is handmade and has a beautiful vase-shaped handle.

The bristles are made of Pure Badger - natural badger hair of a slightly coarser quality than the Super Badger.

Use the shaving brush with your favorite shaving cream or shaving soap and you are assured of a delicious shaving foam and thus a perfect shave. The brush lifts your beard push up from the skin, giving you a tight and comfortable shave.

The brush has a height of 13 cm and is therefore referred to as an extra large shaving brush.
13,5 cm.
Brush type:
Pure Badger
Knot size:
28 mm.
Item number:P40