Problem: Hair Loss

Here on the site we have compiled the products that are perfect for you who have problems with thin hair and complete, partial or started hair loss. You also get tips on what you can do to strengthen your hair.

These include effective shampoos that prevent and slow down hair loss and soothe the scalp, stimulate new hair growth and provide strength to the hair you have. Hair loss can be due to several different factors. Some are genetically predisposed, but often stress or malnutrition is one of the causes. Intensive brushing of the hair, warm hair drying or dyeing of the hair also adversely affects the quality of the hair. Whatever the cause of your hair loss, you may want to start strengthening your hair in general.

Hair Wash Every Day A hair wash wears on both the hairs, scalp and roots, and if you have thin hair, be extra warm. So just wash your hair 2-3 times a week

Use a gentle shampoo Use a gentle shampoo
that does not wash the hair's natural oils. The shampoo can advantageously be without perfume or artificial nourishing ingredients.
Beviro Natural Beard Booster, 30 ml.
Stimulates the follicles of the beard, gives them energy and a fuller look.
Beviro Anti-Hairloss Shampoo, 250 ml.
An energy drink for hair, that starts thinning up there.
Beviro Anti-Hairloss Shampoo, 500 ml.
An energy drink for hair, that starts thinning up there.
POWER Shampoo Triple Action, 300 ml.
Made to boost your hair growth and to help get rid of dandruff.
POWER Activator Serum, 30 ml.
Promotes better hair growth for hair and beard.
POWER Supplements, 500 mg., 30 pcs.
Promotes hair follicle productivity.
POWER Hair Growth Kit
A hair package with products designed to promote hair growth.
Mario Lorenzin 1975 Natural Hair Lotion, Radicchio, 100 ml.
Effective Hair Lotion. Prevents hair loss, improves scalp and adds moisture.
Floïd Anti-Hairloss Tonic, 125 ml.
For treatment of weak hair - Increases hair thickness.
Greater Hair Scalp Stimulating Wet Brush
Massage brush for the scalp. Stimulates and promotes normal hair growth.
POWER Sanitizer, 30 ml.
Product to clean the Micro Needle Roller.