Greater Hair Micro Needle Roller, Scalp, 0.25 mm.

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Greater Hair Micro Needle Roller is specially designed to promote your hair growth on the scalp.

540 thin and short needles (0.25 mm) create micro holes at the hair follicles, which eventually results in increased hair growth. The microholes that are created will make the skin itself want to repair after which blood circulation and the production of collagen increases. The protein collagen is naturally found in the hair, but as age increases, natural production decreases as a result of thinner hair and hair loss. An increase in collagen therefore leads to stronger, but also faster, growing hair.

Simply put, the Greater Hair Micro Needle Roller fools the body to self-increase hair growth.

Note that the roller always should be cleaned with Power Sanitizer before use.

- Clean the roller with Power Sanitizer before use.
- Greater Hair Micro Needle Roller rolls under light pressure at least 5 times across the same skin surface. You should roll the Needle Roller alternately vertically, horizontally and diagonally for best results.
- Keep the same pressure and speed during the whole treatment
- Repeat treatment in 2-4-day intervals. If pain occurs, wait for repeated treatment until pain persists.
- For hygienic reasons, the product should not be used by several persons
- To get the best result, finish with Power Activator Serum

Needles of stainless steel. 0,25 mm.
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