Plisson 1808 Shaving Brush

Plisson is a French luxury brand with a long and exciting history!

Among other things, they are known as the world's oldest manufacturer of shaving brushes and have thus been a supplier to Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte as well as heads of state and royalty in a large part of the world.

The shaving brushes are handmade in Paris in a multitude of exclusive materials and different brush types.

On the individual product card you will find a size guide which shows the size of the shaving brush in question. If you're looking for the ultimate shaving brush, you've come to the right place.

On this page, we have collected Proshave's range of the sublime Plisson shaving brushes.

Plisson Shaving Brush, Russian Grey Badger & Imit. Tortoiseshell, Original, Size 12
Russian Grey Badger Brush. Handle in imit. tortoiseshell. 22 mm. knob.
Plisson Shaving Brush, High Mountain White Badger & Genuine Black Horn, Original, Size 12
High Mountain White Badger Brush. Shaft in Black Genuine Horn. 22 mm. knob.
Plisson Stand for Shaving Brush, Nickel-plated
Holder for your Plisson shaving brush in size 10-18.
Plisson Stand for Shaving Brush, Clear, Small
For Plisson brush size 8-14. Or knob size max 22 mm.
Plisson Stand for Shaving Brush, Clear, Large
For Plisson brush size 16-20. Or knob size 24-28 mm.