Mühle Multi-blade Razors

Here on the site we have collected the exclusive multi-blade razors from MÜHLE. The razors can be used for Gillette razor blades - some fit for Gillette Fusion while others fit Mach3.

With a multi-blade razor from MÜHLE Shaving you get a super nice and delicious razor that you can leave in the bathroom with good conscience.

The razors are made of carefully selected materials and the design is stylish, delicious and luxurious. You will find, among other things, a razor in Moseeg, Carbon, Olive, Horn, Ash, Flower Tree and Resin in a wealth of beautiful colors. Common to MÜHLE's razors is that they are both very durable, durable and super nice to have standing in the bathroom.

Mühle Gillette Fusion Razor, Edition No. 1, Carbon
A world-class Razor. Luxury beyond all. Handle in Carbon.
Mühle Gillette Fusion Travel Razor, Metal
Compact Travel Razor. Fusion. Handle in Metal.
Mühle Blade Guard for Fusion Razor, Plastic
Protects the Fusion Razor Blade, when you are on the go.
Mühle Blade Guard for Mach3 Razor, Plastic
Protects the Mach3 Razor Blade, when you are on the go.