Mühle Gillette Fusion Razor, Edition No. 1, Carbon

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Created for the man of the highest standards! Mühle edition # 1 is the crown of the work in the Mühle collection.

The handle has a gently rounded handle with a wide, chromed collar that fits well in the hand and provides a perfect grip. It is handmade and made of beautifully processed carbon.

Carbon, also known as carbon, is an element that naturally occurs in a variety of forms. For example, carbon compounds are found in diamonds. Engineers are excited about carbon use in the industry and aestheticians love the fine light reflections the dark material creates.

Mühle has processed carbon flexible fibrous structures in a special and unique process. The makers are covered with weaving and placed in a form where the fibers are woven and cured with high quality resin in several steps. This gives a shiny surface with some very beautiful and dynamic reflections.

The handle is made of brass and is then refined with chrome, which makes it very stylish.

The razor fits the Gillette Fusion razor blades.
Razor type:
Gillette Fusion
Item number:RED 1 F