Mondial Shaving Soap, Sandalwood, 60 gr.

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Luxury shaving soap in traditional solid texture. It provides a soft and full shave foam and makes your shaving a unique experience.

When you use your shaving brush with the soap, you get a soft, creamy and rich shaving foam that ensures your razor a good slip and ensures a comfortable shave every time.

Sandalwood has a warm intense and noble scent that gives a masculine wood scent. Sandalwood stimulates body and soul and inspires creativity and intuition. This shaving cream makes your shaving a unique experience and provides a sense of well-being and comfort throughout the day.

Made from natural ingredients, without preservatives.

Remember to see Proshaves guide to the perfect shave
60 gr.
6 cm.
Use for:
All skin types
Item number:SR-60-S