Mondial Shaving Cream in Wooden Bowl, Green Tobacco, 140 ml.

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Luxury Mondial shaving cream that makes your shaving a true experience.

A shaving cream that gives you a soft and velvety foam. Ensures a close shave and reduces irritation.

This shaving cream gives you strength, energy and comfort. The scent is extracted from dried leaves from tobacco plants. The smell of tobacco also has a masculine sensual aroma with notes of wood and wild green herbs. The combination gives a unique charisma and attraction.

The texture is tough and therefore must be applied with a shaving brush. Foam your shaving cream to shaving cream as follows:
- Place your shaving brush in lukewarm water to soften the bristles.
- Find your Mondial shaving cream.
- Shake the water off the shaving brush.
- Use the brush to stir up your shaving cream.
- Apply the now delicious creamy shaving cream to the face in circulating movements to lift the beard stubble. It ensures a close shave.
- Take your DE razor or multi-blade razor and begin the actual shave.

Made from natural ingredients, without preservatives.

Comes in beautiful wooden bowl. Also available in refill so you can save money, next you need a new shaving cream.

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140 ml.
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