Mondial Shaving Cream in Plastic Bowl, Sandalwood, 150 ml.

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This shaving cream has a traditional firm texture that provides a soft and full shaving cream. You are guaranteed a unique experience with your shave.

Sandalwood has a warm intense and noble scent that gives a masculine wood scent. Sandalwood stimulates body and soul and inspires creativity and intuition. This shaving cream makes your shaving a unique experience and provides a sense of well-being and comfort throughout the day.

Use your shaving brush of natural hair, fiber or rough hair and you will get a richly delicious foam.

Made from natural ingredients, without preservatives.

Comes in smart plastic bowl.

Shave the shaving cream to shaving cream as follows:
- Put your shaving brush in lukewarm water to soften the bristles.
- Find your Mondial shaving cream.
- Shake the water off the shaving brush.
- Use the brush to stir up your shaving cream.
- Apply the now delicious creamy shaving cream to the face in circulating movements to lift the beard stubble. It ensures a close shave.
- Take your safety razor or multi-blade razor and begin the actual shave.

Remember to see Proshaves guide to the perfect shave
150 ml.
Item number:CL-150-S