Mondial Shaving Cream in Plastic Bowl, Green Tobacco, 150 ml.

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Luxury Mondial shaving cream that makes your shaving a great experience.

It turns into a soft, velvety foam that ensures a tight shave and reduces irritation.

The scent is extracted from dried leaves from tobacco plants. The smell of tobacco also has a masculine sensual aroma with notes of wood and wild green herbs. The combination gives you strength, energy and comfort.

The texture is tough and therefore must be applied with a shaving brush. Follow these steps for a perfect shaving cream with shaving cream:
- Place your shaving brush in lukewarm water to soften the bristles.
- Find your Mondial shaving cream.
- Shake the water off the shaving brush.
- Use the brush to stir up your shaving cream.
- Apply the now delicious creamy shaving cream to the face in circulating movements to lift the beard stubble. It ensures a close shave.
- Take your safety razor or multi-blade razor and begin the actual shave.

Made from natural ingredients, without preservatives.

Comes in practical plastic bowl.

Remember to see Proshaves guide to the perfect shave
150 ml.
Item number:CL-150-T