Mondial Shaving Cream, Almond, Travel Size, 75 ml.

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Even if you're away from home, you may well get a world-class shave. Take this smart shaving cream with you - It should be included in the hand luggage.

The luxury shaving cream gives you a soft and velvety foam. Ensures a smooth and dense shave, with a minimum of irritation.

Almond has a softening and soothing effect. Almonds are also rich in unsaturated fatty acids that soften and smooth the skin and counteract infections. The scent is almond is very subtle and gentle. Gives a sense of purity and well-being.

The texture is tough and therefore needs to be applied and foamed with a shaving brush.

Made from natural ingredients, without preservatives.

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75 ml.
Use for:
All skin types
Item number:TP-75-M