Mondial Shaving Almond

At this site, we are showing the exclusive Mondial products that have a wonderful scent of almond. Since 1908, Mondial has manufactured products for the ultimate, classic shave.

Almond has a softening and soothing effect on the skin. Almonds are rich in unsaturated fatty acids that soften and smoothe the skin and counteract infections. The scent of almond is very discreet and gentle, but it gives a perfect sense of purity and well-being.

In the series, you will find Shaving Soap, Shaving Cream in a Wooden Bowl, Shaving Cream in a Plastic Bowl, Refill for Shaving Cream, and a convenient travel size.

The products are made in Italy from natural ingredients without preservatives.

Mondial Shaving Cream in Wooden Bowl, Almond, 140 ml.
Luxury shaving cream in wooden bowl. Solid texture.  Almond.
Mondial Shaving Cream in Plastic Bowl, Almond, 150 ml.
Luxury shaving cream in plastic bowl. Solid texture. Almond.
Mondial Shaving Cream, Refill, Almond, 125 ml.
Luxury shaving cream in refill for wooden bowl. Almond.
Mondial Shaving Cream, Almond, Travel Size, 75 ml.
Luxury shaving cream in practical travel size. Almond.