At Proshave you will find masculine merchandise from the many reputable brands we have in the shop. We know that men do not go down on equipment, which is why we have collected all the delicious, exclusive and sometimes fun merchandise that we sell.

In the assortment you will find, among other things, ballpoint pen, razor apron, chalkboard, poster, towel, door mat, razor, cloth, button pin, key ring and much more.
Disinfectant gel with 80% alcohol. In practical keychain.
Before EUR 3.40
Mühle Ball Pen, Chrome
Exclusive Ball Pen in the same design as the popular R 89 Razor.
Mühle Keychain
A must for any wet shaving enthusiast.
Proshave Beard Cape
Effectively catches your beard hair during trimming.
Mühle Cufflinks
Cufflinks for any barber or wet shaving enthusiast!
Zwilling Multi-tool, Stainless Steel
Multi-tool with nail clipper, nail file, scissors and pocket knife in one.
Zwilling Multi-tool, Black Stainless Steel
Multi-tool with nail clipper, nail file, scissors and pocket knife in one.
Proraso Poster, 50 x 70 cm.
Poster oozing traditional shaving.
Beautiful and practical enamel mug.
Before EUR 39.50
Truefitt & Hill Churchill Dog
Churchill Dog dressed in union jack.
Proraso Notebook
Old-school notebook in pocket size.
Proraso Professional Dispenser for 1 kg. Shaving cream (Empty)
Easily apply the right amount of shaving cream to your shave.
Proraso Blackboard, 48 x 58 cm.
Blackboard in beautiful wooden frame. For chalk.
Proraso Classic Barber Cape
Barber Cape. Perfect for any barbershop, hairdresser or at home.
The Holy Black Barber Cape
Shaving cap in XL. Perfect for any barbershop or hairdresser.
The Holy Black Custom Shop Rags, 3 pcs.
Rags with The Holy Black logo. Made of cotton.
The Holy Black Key Lanyard
Keychain with The Holy Black logo.
The Holy Black Label Pin
Show that you are on The Holy Black team.
Proraso Barber Jacket, Str. M
Professional shaving jacket. Size M.
Proraso Barber Jacket, Str. L
Professional shaving jacket. Size L.
Proraso Barber Jacket, Str. XL
Professional shaving jacket. Size XL.
Proraso Barber Jacket, Str. XXL
Professional shaving jacket. Size XXL.
Proraso Barber Jacket, Str. S
Professional shaving jacket. Size S.