Face Cleaners

Who does not want healthy, clean and well-groomed skin? The first step towards beautiful and flawless skin is a good, daily cleansing routine. Your skin is exposed every day to contamination that can clog the pores. The same can your makeup do when you are too lazy to remove it before going to bed. If you forget to cleanse the skin with a facial cleanser for a long period of time, you will most likely experience that the skin becomes sad, gray and loses its shine. So we can't say it enough times: Use a facial cleanser every single morning and every night.

A facial cleanser not only removes makeup residue, dirt and grime. It also adds moisture to the skin so it doesn't dry out. In addition, a face wash reduces pores and prevents new ones from coming.

In the assortment we have several different types of facial cleanser. We have cleaning wipes which are obvious on days when the time is scarce or when you are on the go. We also have facial cleanser in gel consistency, like mousse / foam and with more creamy consistency. You also find face wash in a solid soap that is obvious to have in the bath so you can easily cleanse your skin there.
Abhati Rich Facial Cleanser, 75 ml.
2-in-1 facial cleanser: Cleans and exfoliates in a gentle way.
Ling New York Purifying Facial Cleanser, 120 ml.
Mild facial cleanser for all skin types.
Before EUR 53.60
Ling New York Rose Hip Glycolic Foam Cleanser, 120 ml.
Foaming cleanser for oily and impure skin.
Before EUR 53.60
StriVectin Moisture Matrix Melting Cleanser, 118 ml.
Gently cleanses the skin. Removes makeup and impurities.
Sampar Urban Express Mousse, 150 ml.
Cleansing foam and makeup remover.
Sampar Dry CleanSing Foaming make up remover, 100 ml.
Micellar cleansing foam that doesn't have to be rinsed off.
Sampar Equalizing Foam Peel, 30 ml.
Exfoliates, detoxes and renews the skin in just 2 minutes.
Murad Prebiotic 4-in-1 Multi Cleanser, Hydration, 150 ml.
Effective facial cleanser and makeup remover.
Before EUR 43.60
Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser, Hydration, 200 ml.
Facial cleanser with exfoliating effect.
Before EUR 46.70
Murad Refreshing Cleanser, Hydration, 200 ml.
Gentle but effective cleaning foam with a anti-aging effect.
Before EUR 46.20
Murad Skin Smoothing Polish, Blemish Control, 100 ml.
Gentle but effective facial scrub that makes the skin smoother and clearer.
Before EUR 40.20
LEA Micellar Water Make Up Remover, 200 ml.
Easily and quickly removes remnants of make-up on the face, around the eyes and on the lips.
Klar Seifen Soap, Curd, 100 gr.
An all-round soap for hands, face, body, dished and even clothes.
Klar Seifen Soap, Active Coal, 100 gr.
This soap is the best natural detoxifier for oily and acne-prone skin.
Klar Seifen Soap, White Clay, 100 gr.
The saviour for very sensitive skin.
Murad Clarifying Cream Cleanser, Blemish Control, 200 ml.
A rich, creamy cleanser. Treats and prevents impurities.
Before EUR 43.67
RAZspa Cleansing Mask, 200 gr.
Effective and gentle cleansing mask / face cleanser.
RAZspa Moist Booster Set
Box with 4 of the best selling products from RAZspa.
Murad Trial Kit, Hydration
Trial-size set promotes smooth, hydrated & youthful-looking skin.
Murad Trial Kit, Resurgence
Visibly minimize lines & wrinkles for smoother, younger-looking skin.
Murad Trial Kit, Environmental Shield
Minimizes the appearance of hyperpigmentation.
Murad Trial Kit, Blemish Control
Helps treat breakouts, visibly minimize scars & protect.
Murad Set, Face Care, Blemish
Set with 3 amazing products for impure skin.
Before EUR 99.36
Payot Micellaire Cleansing Water, 200 ml.
An all-in-one cleaning product. Cleanses and removes makeup from face and eyes.
Payot Exfoliating Gel in Oil, 50 ml.
Exfoliating gel that turns into a silky oil. Removes dead skin cells.
Payot Pâte Grise Foaming Gel Cleanser, 200 ml.
Facial cleanser with foaming gel consistency. For combination/oily skin.
Payot Dual-phase Eye Makeup Remover, 125 ml.
Two-phase eye makeup remover for all types of eye makeup - even waterproof.
Payot Micellaire Cleansing Milk, 200 ml.
Removes makeup, dirt and grime without drying out skin.
Payot My Payot Face Peeling, 125 ml.
Gives your skin glow and radiance and removes very gently the dead skin cells.
Payot Makeup Remover Mousse, 150 ml.
En mild, sæbe-fri makeup-fjerner der efterlader huden ren, frisk og blød.
Murad Daily Clarifying Peel, Blemish Control, 95 ml.
2-phase peeling. Cleanses and smoothes the skin and removes impurities.
LEA Make Up Remover Wipes Aloe Vera, Normal to Combination Skin, 25 pcs.
Cleansing wipes for normal / combined skin. Removes makeup effectively.
LEA Make Up Remover Wipes Rosehip, Dry and Sensitive Skin, 25 pcs.
Cleansing wipes for dry / sensitive skin. Removes makeup effectively.
Murad Clarifying Cleanser, Blemish Control, 200 ml.
Effectively treats and prevents impurities.
Before EUR 36.90
Skyn Iceland Glacial Cleansing Cloths, 30 pcs.
Gentle cleansing wipes that removes makeup, dirt and impurities.
Skin Iceland Glacial Face Wash, 150 ml.
Deep cleansing and non-drying face wash.
Skyn Iceland Glacial Face Wash, Travel Size, 30 ml.
Deep cleansing and non-drying face wash.
Skin Iceland Micellar Cleansing Water, 155 ml.
All in one product. Works both as a cleanser and a tonic.
Skyn Iceland Nordic Skin Peel, 60 pcs.
Very effective but gentle exfoliation. Make the skin more uniform.
Murad Essential-C Cleanser, Environmental Shield, 200 ml.
Developed to relieve immediately stressed skin.
Before EUR 43.60
Murad Renewing Cleansing Cream, Resurgence, 200 ml.
Ultra-moisturizing cleanser that gently exfoliates and cleanses.
Before EUR 43.60
Murad Cleansing Cream, 135 ml.
Ultra-moisturizing cleanser.
Before EUR 53.60
Klar Seifen Soap, Rose and Basil, 135 gr.
Soothing soap with scent of Rose and Basil.
Before EUR 22.70
Klar Seifen Soap, Lime Flower and Rhubarb, 135 gr.
Soothing soap with scent of linden flower and rhubarb.
Before EUR 22.70
Skyn Iceland Detox Kit for Stressed Skin
Gift Set with Face Wash, Eye Cream, Cooling Face Cream and Night Cream.
Shine Iceland Saving Face Kit
Gift Set with Skin peel, Eye Gel, Eye Cream and Cooling Face Cream.