Isangs Detox Face Wash, Eucalyptus, 80 gr.

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Gentle sea salt face wash with activated charcoal and neem oil.

Removes impurities and fights bacteria that lead to acne.

Recommended for impure and sensitive skin.

51% Certified Organic Ingredients
49% Sea salt
89% Fair trade ingredients
Ingredients are saponified with lye

Use as follows:
- Moisten face with lukewarm water.
- Moisten the bar and rub between palms to create a creamy lather.
- Massage the foam into the face using gentle circular motions, avoiding the eyes.
- Rinse with cool water and pat dry.
- Finish your skincare routine by using Isangs skintonic and facial oil.

Consistency: Hard, firm soap bar that creates a deliciously creamy and soft lather.

Lasts for approx. 150 face washes.

Rinse soap clean and store in a dry place. after use. Preferably allowed to dry between uses.

The packaging is made from 100% recycled paper.

Scent of EUCALYPTUS. Isang's signature EUCALYPTUS blend made from 100% organic essential oils. Fresh, clean and sharp camphor-like, with spicy undertones.
80 gr.
Havsalt**^ (Sodium chloride), Babassuolie*^ (Orbignya oleifera seed oil), Destilleret vand (Aqua), Lud† (Sodium hydroxide), Ricinusolie* (Ricinus communis seed oil), Jojobaolie* (Simmondsia chinensis seed oil), Vegetabilsk glycerin* (Glycerin), Kolloid havre* (Colloid oatmeal), Cedertræolie æterisk* (Cedrus atlantica bark oil), Petitgrainolie æterisk*^ (Citrus hystrix leaf oil), Nellikeolie æterisk*^ (Eugenia carophyllus bud oil), Enebærtræolie æterisk* (Juniperus oxycedrus wood oil) De æteriske olier har et naturligt indhold af: Eugenol, Citronellol, Linalool *Certificeret økologisk **Vildt høstet ^Certificeret Fair trade/ Kooperative handel †Alt naturligt sæbe er fremstillet med lud. Der bliver ingen lud tilbage i det færdige produkt.
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