D.R. Harris Cologne & Deodorant

At this site, you will find the selection of D.R. Harris & Co's Colognes and deodorants.

Available in several different varieties: Some are fresh, some have woody notes, and others have a very classic scent.

The common denominator is that each Cologne comes in a super nice glass bottle that will look elegant in any bathroom.

D.R. Harris Twenty Nine Deodorant Stick, 75 gr.
Alcohol-free formula for gentle care and without irritation.
D.R. Harris Arlington Cologne, SAMPLE, 2 ml.
Fresh and lively fragrance suitable for men of all ages.
D.R. Harris Traditional Cologne, SAMPLE, 2 ml.
Fresh scent with warm appeal from orange oil.
D.R. Harris No. 14 Vetiver with Lemon Cologne, 100 ml.
Freshness and elegance. Delicious fragrance for men!
DR Harris Arlington Deodorant Stick, 75 gr.
Highly effective deo with a classic scent.
DR Harris Windsor Eau de Toilette, 100 ml.
Delicious scent of citrus, leather and black pepper.
DR Harris Windsor Deodorant Stick, 75 gr.
Effective and long-lastning deo stick. Alcohol-free.
DR Harris Albany Cologne, 100 ml.
Warm, refreshing and aromatic citrus scent.
DR Harris Old English Lavender Water, 100 ml.
The scent of a lavender field with a twist of musk.
DR Harris Traditional Cologne, 100 ml.
Fresh and warm cologne with citrus notes.