Dovo Shavette

On this page we have collected the Dovo Straight Razor, which is available in many different materials, colours and price ranges. But one thing is certain - you get a razor of the highest quality.

Dovo Solingen are specialists in great gear for your shaving and personal care. Dovo delivers top quality products and guarantees shaving equipment and products that are made from the finest materials and ingredients. The company was founded in 1906 in the German city of Solingen and the brand has an exciting history behind it.

Dovo's DNA lies in the production of razors and blades. They are committed to fine craftsmanship and high quality.

Proshave is the official Scandinavian distributor of Dovo Solingen.

Aluminum shavette. Uses half blades.
Before 41.30 €
Shavette in Aluminium. Uses half blades.
Before 37.30 €
Shavette in Aluminum and Olivewood.
Before 68.70 €
Shavette in Stainless Steel. Uses half blades.
Before 47.30 €