Cartridge Blades

On this page you will find interchangeable razor blades for your multi-blade razor. All the razor blades below have more than one blade.

At Proshave, we do not understand why people pay overprice for razor blades for a Gillette multi-blade razor. That's why we sell cheap razor blades from Derby and LEA, among other things, that fit the razors of the same name. We have razor blades with everything from 3 to 6 blades. So even though prices are squeezed to the bottom and the razor blades only cost a minimum compared to other manufacturers, you are guaranteed an extremely excellent and close shave.

We also have the so-called RazorPit in the range with which you can grind your multi-blade razor blades. It keeps the razor blades clean and sharp, so you get far more shaves out of each razor blade.

At Proshave we test all our shaving equipment, so you are assured of good products at favorable prices. The range is constantly expanding, so keep an eye on the page periodically.

LEA Evolution 6, Cartridge with 4 Razor Blades (6 + 1 blade)
Razor Blades with 6 + 1 blades for LEA Evolution 6 Razor.
LEA Soft 3 Sensitive, Box with 2 Extra Cartridges (3 blades), Women
Razor blades for your LEA Soft 3 razor. Gives an easily and gently shave.
Daimon Barber Precision Razor Blades, 4 pcs.
4 razor blades with 5 + 1 blades for your Daimon Barber razor.
BaKblade 2.0 Razor blades, 6 pcs.
Shaving Blades for BaKblade Body Shaver.
BaKblade 2.0 Razor blades, 12 pcs.
Shaving Blades for BaKblade Body Shaver.