Truefitt & Hill Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl, Mayfair, 99 gr.

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It's no wonder that Truefitt & Hill makes some of the best shaving soaps - because the company has over 200 years of experience in the field.

This shaving soap is part of the popular Mayfair range. The Mayfair series is a tribute to those with good taste, style and passion. The scent is an exciting mix of citrus notes and floral notes that bring thoughts to carefree summer days.

In many ways, the scent tells a multitude of unique stories that epitomize what the historic area of Mayfair means to different individuals.

The scent is a modern take on a classic cologne with top notes of lemon, mandarin, bergamot and rosemary, a twist of jasmine, lavender and neroli that adds sweetness. A subtle touch of musk completes the delicious fragrance and leaves a wonderful impression on the wearer.

It is made from natural and discreet ingredients whose purpose is to soften, soothe and care for your skin optimally during your daily shave.

The soap is delivered in a hand-turned and hand-polished wooden bowl that oozes exclusivity.

Note: When the soap is used up, you can buy a refill for the exclusive wooden bowl.
99 gr.
Top notes:
Mandarin, Bergamot, Rosemary
Heart notes:
Lavender, Jasmin
Base notes:
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