Truefitt & Hill Razors

Truefitt & Hill is the world's oldest barber shop. Truefitt & Hill has been manufacturing grooming and care products for the quality-conscious man since 1805. The men of the Royal English family, members of the English Parliament, and leading businessmen are among the users.

The amazing product assortment includes everything a man needs when it comes to shaving, care, and grooming. These are efficient products that have their roots in traditions but at the same time an eye for the development that is constantly taking place in society.

At this site, we are showing the exclusive razors from Truefitt & Hill. The razors are available for both Gillette Mach3, Gillette Fusion, and DE-Barberblade. The razors have a perfect weight so you get an optimal grip during your shave. The razors are made in beautiful designs and of high quality materials, so you can enjoy your luxurious gear for many years to come.

Single-use razors in the exclusive edtion.
Before 28.70 €