The Gentleman Floris

Floris London was founded in 1730 by Juan Famenias Floris and his wife Elizabeth. They began selling fragrances, combs, and shaving products in the elegant part of London's St James. They opened their first Floris shop on No. 89 Jermyn Street, which is still the heart of the business.

In addition to exclusive scents, Floris has launched a men's product line called The Gentleman Floris. The Gentleman Floris consists of amazingly exquisite products that cater to all the needs of men in their daily grooming and shaving routine.

The products contain the popular and iconic Floris fragrance no. 89. A scent with a warm touch of spicy nutmeg, a floral heart, highlighted by the dominant woody scent of sandalwood, cedar, and vetiver.

The dark- and sky blue packaging, together with the scent and exquisite ingredients, make the product assortment the ideal choice for the refined, well-informed, and discerning man.

The Gentleman Floris Set with Shaving Soap & Aftershave Balm, No.89
Set with Shaving Soap and Aftershave Balm in the No.89 series.
The Gentleman Floris Shaving Cream, No.89, 100 ml.
Protective shaving cream that moisturizes and soothes.
The Gentleman Floris Shaving Oil, no. 89, 50 ml.
Helps the razor to glide across the skin for an smooth shave.
The Gentleman Floris Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl, Elite, 100 gr.
Super delicious shaving soap for the ultimate shave. Elite.
The Gentleman Floris Shaving Soap, Refill, Elite, 100 gr.
Practical refill with luxury shaving soap in the fragrance Elite.