Taylor Of Old Bond Street Hair Care & Styling

At this site, you will find the exclusive and efficient hair care and styling products from Taylor Of Old Bond Street.

In addition to a wealth of Hair and Body Shampoo, you will find Hair Wax, Hair Gel, and Styling Cream, which will make your hair look healthy and well-groomed all day.

Taylor Of Old Bond Street was founded in 1854 by Jeremiah Taylor. The original salon was located in Bond Street in central London, and in 1930 another salon was opened in Jermyn Street. The Jermyn Street salon is today the official Taylor Of Old Bond Street Salon.
Taylor Of Old Bond Street Hair & Body Shampoo, Mr. Taylor, 200 ml.
Classic, discreet and fragrant Shampoo for hair and body.
Taylor Of Old Bond Street Luxury Hair Conditioner, Sandalwood, 200 ml.
Moisturizing conditioner. Repairs dry and damaged hair and scalp.
Taylor Of Old Bond Street Hair Wax, 100 gr.
Flexible wax that has a light shiny finish.
Taylor or Old Bond Street Folding Comb
Practical folding Comb for hair and beard.
Taylor of Old Bond Street Club Hairbrush, Black
Dark shaft and dark, natural brush with medium hardness.