Taylor Of Old Bond Street Cologne

At this site, you will find the assortment of cologne from Taylor Of Old Bond Street. All fragrances last a long time and come in exclusive glass bottles.

Use an exquisite cologne when your aftershave has done its job, after your bath, or when you just need to freshen up a bit.

The exquisite Colognes are available in many different and fragrant series: Eton College, Mr Taylor, No.74, Victorian Lime, Sandalwood, Shaving Soap, and James Collection. There is definitely a scent that you would love to apply every morning.
Taylor Of Old Bond Street Fragrance, Platinum, 50 ml.
Cologne and Aftershave with a delicious masculine scent.
Taylor Of Old Bond Street Cologne, Eton College, 100 ml.
A classic, discreet and masculine Cologne in the Eton College series.
Taylor Of Old Bond Street Cologne, Mr. Taylor, 100 ml.
A discreet and masculine Cologne. One of Mr. Taylor's original recipes.
Taylor Of Old Bond Street Cologne, Sandalwood, 100 ml.
A classic and masculine Cologne with scent of sandalwood.