Tatara Masamune Top plate, Stainless Steel - Dark

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Tatara Razors manufactures exclusive Safety Razor of extremely high quality!

In fact, you have the opportunity to customize your Tatara Razor, completely as you want it - and achieve a unique shave. The individual parts (handles, base plate and top plate) can be purchased separately, so you can assemble your own creation exactly as you wish!

This top plate is the one used for the Masamune Razor.

The Masamune razor provides a smooth and efficient shave. This is due to the small blade spacing of the top plate and the negative blade exposure of -0.13 mm. (A Masamune Nodachi Top plate has a blade exposure of 0.0mm.)

The top plate is made of dark stainless steel - but is also available in a matt stainless steel variant.

Cap thread lenght: 8 mm.
Blade exposure: -0,13 mm.
Stainless steel
Item number:MDCAPONLY