Skin Roller

The face roll - also known as a skin roller or facial roller - has been a regular part of Chinese beauty rituals for several millennia. A face roller is a tool with a special roller of precious stones. It is used on the face to remove debris, tone the muscles of the face, reduce swelling, stimulate connective tissue and collagen production, prevent lines and wrinkles, increase blood circulation, remove swelling and give a youthful, beautiful glow.

The skin roller is super easy to use and provides fast, noticeable results. A face roller typically has a smooth end made of gemstones and an end with texture. Together they are great for giving the skin extra glow and a smoother, even surface.

The principle behind the technique is that you repeatedly roll the implement over your face. Scroll from the center of the face to the direction of the ears. Start by applying the end with texture - and finish with the soft end. However, it's all about doing what feels nice. It is important that you apply an oil to the area you want to treat so that you do not damage the skin. The skin roller can be used for 2 minutes on a busy morning to counteract a swollen face or for a longer face treatment in the evening in conjunction with your evening skin care routine.

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