Set with Samples

At Proshave you will find some of the most delicious products for men's shaving, personal care and grooming. Many of these products are also available in small, handy samples, so you have the opportunity to try and smell them before ordering them in full size. Then you can easily find out whether the products suit your skin, whether you like the smell and whether the texture is something for you.

On this page, we have collected our Sample Set - i.e. items where you buy more than one single sample at a time.

We have samples of both razor blades, preshave, shaving cream, aftershave, perfumes, face cleanser, face cream, beard oil, face oil, body oil and much more. You will not find them all on this page, but if you click here, you can see all our samples - including those, sold individually.

Try all the colognes from Truefitt.
Before 24.30 €
Try all the shaving creams and aftershaves from Truefitt.
Before 37.80 €
Try all the shaving creams, aftershaves and colognes from Truefitt.
Before 62.10 €
Sample Set with 12 of Taylor's Shaving Creams.
Before 7.70 €
Beviro Cologne Sample Pack, 4 x 1 ml.
Try the 4 terrific Colognes from Beviro.
Beviro Eau de Toilette Sample Pack, 4 x 2 ml.
Try the 4 terrific Eau de Toilette from Beviro.