Saponificio Varesino Manna

At this site, we are showing the products in the series Manna from Saponificio Varesino. Saponificio Varesino is an Italian brand that produces luxury shaving soaps and aftershaves for real wet shaving enthusiasts. The products are made from exquisite, natural, high-quality ingredients. You are guaranteed a great shave without irritation.

The product range has an aromatic scent that blends with the distant aromas of natural ingredients, creating some fresh, intense and fragrant products.

The name Manna refers to an ingredient that comes from Park Madonie in Sicily. The place is located between the towns of Castelbuono and Pollina. Manna originates from incisions on the ash tree and it has a rich and active composition that makes the skin soft and moisturized. The products in the series naturally contain Manna (of which the name).

The Manna products have a fresh scent with top notes of orange, bergamot and sage. The heart notes consist of tobacco-flower, rose, cloves and hydrangeas, while the base notes are more woody and originate from cedar, amber and sweet patchouli.
Saponificio Varesino Shower Gel, Manna, 350 ml.
Moisturizing, nourishing and cleansing shower gel.
Saponificio Varesino Shower Gel, Manna, Sample, 10 ml.
Moisturizing, nourishing and cleansing shower gel.
Saponificio Varesino Shaving Soap, Manna, 150 gr.
Luxury shaving soap that moisturizes and softens. Beta 4.3.
Complete set with Shaving Soap and Aftershave.
Before EUR 56.50
Saponificio Varesino Bath Soap, Manna, 150 gr.
Moisturizing and nourishing bath soap in solid form.
Saponificio Varesino Aftershave Manna, SAMPLE, 2 ml.
Sample on Manna Aftershave from Saponificio Varesino.