RazoRock Black Bay

Ever since RazoRock stopped producing Captain's Choice Bay Rum shaving soap, they've had a sea of inquiries about a new Bay-Rum edition.

The problem is that the owner of RazoRock is not a fan of a clovey scent nor can he tolerate a lot of cinnamon in his shaving soap or aftershave. It may sound selfish, but if he does not like the scent himself, he has a hard time putting the RazoRock name on it.

For several years, therefore, RazoRock has been experimenting with different bay rums and in the spring of 2017, it finally struck him why they did not produce a heavy fragrance, with natural laurel extract and very bright spices instead.

They tested a few varieties, and quickly fell in love with this one.

This is a 'bay leaf' fragrance perfect for him who is not usually a fan of the American bay rums.