Proshave Beard Kit with Beard Brush (Fibre), Beard Shampoo & Beard Oil (Mario Lorenzin)

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This set contains products that ensure you have a nice, well-groomed beard.

The set contains the following 3 products:

1) Proshave Beard Brush, Fiber
This beard brush is made with vegan fiber brush. It removes dust, dirt and excess product from the beard, so it always appears healthy and well-groomed.

The beard brush distributes your beard oil or beard evenly, has an exfoliating effect on the skin under the beard and therefore minimizes dryness and itching.

Made in a handy travel size that doesn't fill the world.

2) Mario Lorenzin Beard Shampoo, 50 ml.
Effective beard shampoo that cleanses skin and beard as well as removes dirt and grease without damaging the pH balance or drying out skin and hair follicles. Has a nice, emollient effect.

3) Mario Lorenzin Beard Oil, 50 ml.
Delicious and fragrant beard oil. Contains radicchio plant oil which strengthens the beard and supplies the necessary minerals and vitamins to the hair follicles, as well as the strong antioxidant argan oil and fatty acids, which minimize the risk of irritation and itching as well as have anti-aging properties. Gives added shine and moisture to make the beard look nice and well-groomed. The beard oil is applied in moist or dry beard.
2 x 50 ml.
Brush type:
Grey Fibre
Item number:PSBKIT39