Proraso Cologne

At this site, we are showing the Colognes in Proraso's assortment.

The colognes make you think of a traditional, masculine shave in a real barber shop. You should use them to finish your shave and experience how your skin is toned, refreshed, and energized with a lovely scent.

There are three colognes in the assortment:
- Wood & Spice, which has a lovely scent of cedar and spicy notes, leaving a pleasant, fresh feeling.
- Azur Lime, which has a fresh scent of citrus and lime with a discreet, refreshing twist of mint.
- Cypress & Vetiver with a woody, masculine scent of cypress and fresh vetiver.
Proraso Cologne Wood & Spice, 100 ml.
Scent with spicy notes and cedar wood.
Proraso Cologne, Azur Lime, 100 ml.
Fresh citrus and lime scent with a subtle, refreshing twist of mint.
Proraso Cologne, Cypress & Vetiver, 100 ml.
A woody, masculine scent with cypress and fresh vetiver.
Proraso Refreshing Cologne Tissues, Wood & Spice, 6 pcs.
An innovative new way to wear fragrance on the go. Offering freshness anytime, anywhere.
Proraso Spray with Atomizer
For Aftershave Lotion and Cologne.
Proraso Luxury Gift Box for Shaving, Cypress & Vetiver
Complete set with everything you need for a perfect shave.