Products to increase Beard Growth

Imagine if your beard grew a little faster - and was a little more dense and lush everywhere. In this product group, we have gathered some effective products that can boost your beard growth. We know that the market is full of products from all over the world that are supposed to turbo bear the growth - but we have made it easy and gathered all our products below, so you do not have to spend unnecessary time on Google.

The products can not help you put on a full beard in less than a month, as it is physically impossible. But they can actually help beard growth a bit along the way. This is how it is with your hair follicles that they can be a little "lazy" - and if they are in this state, you can most likely bring them back to life and thus increase their productivity. It is about stimulating the hair follicles with a derma roller as well as daily supplementing effective products that can help beard growth along the way.

The products are suitable for you whose beard is already growing - even if it is only light and irregular. If you have a good foundation, the products can improve your beard growth.

However, it is worth mentioning that some men by nature have smaller beards than others. If your father or grandfather does not have a beard, you can most likely not have a lush full beard either. The products below will therefore not have an effect on you, as they can not boost missing hair follicles - or stimulate hair follicles that are completely dead.

Beviro Natural Beard Booster, 30 ml.
Stimulates the follicles of the beard, gives them energy and a fuller look.
POWER Shampoo Triple Action, 300 ml.
Made to boost your hair growth and to help get rid of dandruff.
POWER Activator Serum, 30 ml.
Promotes better hair growth for hair and beard.
POWER Beard Oil, 50 ml.
Will boost your beard growth and soothe irritated skin.
POWER Beard Shampoo Triple Action, 150 ml.
Effective beard shampoo. Cleanses and promotes beard growth.
POWER Supplements for Beard, 500 mg., 30 pcs.
Promotes hair follicle productivity. For a stronger beard.
POWER Beard Growth Kit
A hair package with products designed to promote beard growth.
POWER Beard Growth Kit + Supplements for Beard
A hair package with products designed to promote beard growth.
POWER Sanitizer, 30 ml.
Product to clean the Micro Needle Roller.