Products for Survival Tour

Ready for wilderness adventure? 🏕️🌲

No matter where you explore, we have everything for your comfort and safety:

- Insect protection: against mosquitoes and ticks.
- Wet wipes: For freshness on the go.
- Dental care in travel size: Keep your mouth fresh.
- Multitools: For all tasks.
- Hand disinfection: Clean hands everywhere.
- Tweezers: For small adjustments.
- Sun protection: Protect the skin from the sun.
- Deodorants in travel size: Stay fresh.
- Face cream in travel size: Moisturize and protect the face.

Pack your backpack and conquer nature with's indispensable products! 🌍🔦🗺️

Ballistol Sting-Free pump-spray, 20 ml.
Effective protection against insect bites. Travel size just to have in your pocket.
Ballistol Sting-Free pump-spray, 100 ml.
Effective protection against insect bites. With practical pump.
Ballistol Sting-Free wipe-box, 10 pcs.
Effective protection against insect bites. Practical wipes just to have with you.
LEA WC Moist toilet Tissues, WC flushable, 54 pcs.
Moistened toilet paper that is flushable. Provides a greater cleanliness.
LEA Toothbrush, Foldable
Super practical toothbrush that can be folded.
Marvis Whitening Mint Toothpaste, Travel Size, 10 ml.
With the taste of mint. Make your teeth whiter. Travel size.
Marvis Classic Strong Mint Toothpaste, Travel Size, 10 ml.
With the taste of refreshing mint. The ultimate classic toothpaste. Travel size.
Marvis Classic Strong Mint Toothpaste, Travel size, 25 ml.
With the taste of refreshing mint. The ultimate classic toothpaste.
Marvis Mouthwash, Strong Mint, Travel Size, 30 ml.
Get a fresh and clean mouth with this mouthwash.
Zwilling Multi-tool, Stainless Steel
Multi-tool with nail clipper, nail file, scissors and pocket knife in one.
Labello Lip Balm, Sun Protect, SPF 30
Effective sun protection and long-lasting moisture.
Rockwell Tweezers Set
Stainless steel tweezers and vegan leather case.
Payot Very High Protection Sun Stick, SPF 50, 15 gr.
Sun stick with SPF 50 that protects against several types of rays!
Dovo Tweezers, Slant & Flat Tip
Professional tweezers with flat and slant tip.
Are you ready to go on a wilderness adventure? 🏕️🌲

Whether you're heading out into the woods, up the mountain, or on an epic hike, we've got all the gear you need to keep you comfortable and ready for whatever nature has to offer.

Here are the essential products for your survival trip:

Insect protection:
Insects can be annoying, but we've found a range of insect protection to keep them away. Protect yourself from mosquitoes, ticks and other small critters, so you can enjoy nature without itching and irritation.

Wet wipes:
No bathing options? No problem! These wet wipes are perfect for keeping you clean and fresh even when you're far away from civilization. Practical and easy for all situations!

Dental care in travel size:
Keep your oral hygiene top notch, even when you're on the go. We have put together this small travel set with toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash that fits easily in your backpack and ensures that you always have fresh breath and clean teeth.

Multitools from Zwilling:
A true survivor always has a good multitool at hand. We have found these multitools from Zwilling, because they are perfect for all small tasks, from cutting rope to opening cans. A must-have for every adventurer!

Hand disinfection:
Keep germs at bay, even when you're far from a sink. This hand sanitizer keeps your hands clean and fresh so you can focus on the adventure and not on hygiene concerns.

Another essential tool for the survivor. Grab the little things with precision. The tweezers are perfect for removing splinters, ticks or for fine-tuning your equipment. A small but important tool for any trip.

Sun protection:
Even survivors need protection from the sun! These travel-sized sunscreens ensure your skin stays protected wherever your adventures take you. Avoid sunburn and enjoy nature!

Travel size deodorants:
Stay healthy even when you push your limits. These small but effective deodorants will ensure you stay odor-free, even after a hard day's exploring.

Face cream in travel size:
Protect and care for your skin with our travel size face cream. Perfect for keeping your face hydrated and protected from the elements, so you always look fresh, even in the middle of the wilderness.

So pack your backpack and get ready to conquer nature with's essential products for the survival trip!
We have everything you need to survive and thrive in the great outdoors.
Adventure awaits! 🌍🔦🗺️