Problem: Red razor bumps after shaving

Many people have tried to get buds or pimples after a shave. Beard plague is because your leeks are opened during shaving, giving the bacteria direct access to the hair follicles, which cause inflammation. If either the skin or razor blade has not been clean, there is an increased risk of irritation.

Sharp and new razor blade
You can get beard plague by using dirty razor and it is therefore important that you frequently change the blade in your scraper. It is also a good idea that you do not share your razor with others as beard plague can be transmitted from person to person in this way.

Wash your face before shaving
You prevent beard plague by being thorough with hygiene. Wash your face with a good face wash and dry with a clean, fresh towel before beginning your shave.

Cold water and aftershave
Rinse your face with cold water after shaving to close the pores again, preventing bacteria from penetrating. Finish with an aftershave as it reduces the risk of red buds, redness and beard plague. It also maintains the moisture balance of the skin and soothes the skin with its moisturizing ingredients.
Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment, 90 ml.
Reduces irritated skin, often caused by ingrown hairs.
Shaveworks The Cool Fix, 60 ml.
Aftershave that cools, fights ingrown hair and irritations.