Problem: Irritated skin and Itching after shaving

Do you deal with itching as well as red and irritated skin on the face and neck after shaving? Then you've come to the right place! Here on the site, you will find a solution to the problem. Most men give up and convince themselves that irritation, itching and red skin are just the price they have to pay to be shaved. But it definitely doesn't have to be that way!

Sharp razor blade
As always, make sure the blade is sharp on your razor. Therefore, avoid shaving with a blunt razor blade if you want a comfortable shave without irritation.

Lubricating the skin
Insufficient lubrication during your shaving can be one of the reasons you get irritated and burning skin after shaving. Therefore, always use a protective shaving cream, shaving soap or shaving cream in copious amounts.

Cold water and aftershave
Rinse your face with cold water after shaving to close the leeks again. Finish with an aftershave without alcohol. It reduces the risk of irritated skin and maintains the skin's moisture balance. Moisturizing helps reduce itching, which is often caused by dry and irritated skin.

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