Preshave Oil

Here on the site we have assembled our selection of Preshaves in oil texture. A good Preshave oil is essential to get the ultimate shave. The preshaven walks in and lifts the beard stumps off the face, so the razor grabs the stumps without cutting the skin itself. The oil softens the beard and puts a protective layer on the skin. It gives your razor an easier slip and thus reduces the risk of irritation and beard plague.

If you have sensitive or delicate skin, it is very important to use a Preshave as it protects the skin optimally during shaving. If you use a Preshave as the very first thing in your daily shaving routine, you may well prepare for a much closer and more comfortable shave.

Start by soaking the stubble with warm water. Take your Preshave oil into the palm of your hand and apply on the face. Wash your hands so that your razor doesn't grease into oil - while your Preshave can sit for a minute or two. Then apply your shaving cream that you made from your favorite shaving cream or shave soap - and then start shaving.

Truefitt & Hill Preshave Oil, Ultimate Comfort, 60 ml.
Protects, moisturizes and softens both skin and beard stubbles.
Taylor Of Old Bond Street Preshave Oil, Aroma Therapy, 30 ml.
A delicious Preshave Oil. Softens the beard before shaving.
Taylor Of Old Bond Street Preshave Oil, Sandalwood, 30 ml.
Great Preshave Oil with sandalwood. A perfect start to your shave.
Rockwell Preshave oil, Barbershop Scent, 30 ml.
Moisturizes, nourishes and protects the skin.
Castle Forbes Preshave, Unscented, 150 ml.
Super delicious and fragrance-free Preshave.
Saponificio Varesino Preshave Oil, 50 ml.
Soothing and protective. With practical roll-on function.
Saponificio Varesino Pure Monoi Butter, 100 gr.
A little wonder product. Perfect as a preshave.
Murdock Preshave Oil, 50 ml.
Protective pre-shave. Perfect for thick, strong stubble.
Abbate Y La Mantia Preshave Oil, Krokos, 100 ml.
Super delicious preshave. Beautiful scent of saffron.
The Holy Black Snake Oil, 30 ml.
Super delicious Beard Oil. The Holy Black calls it a magic elixir.