Plisson 1808 Face Care

On this page you will find exclusive face care products from Plisson 1808.

A good facial care routine is the key word for the man who wants to have well-groomed skin and look sharp.

Your morning and evening routine doesn't have to be complicated: use a scrub a few times a week to remove dirt and dead skin cells. Morning and evening you use a face wash and a moisturizer.

As the icing on the cake, an eye cream is used for the delicate skin under the eyes.

In the Le Soin series from Plisson you will find all the delicious products you need: Facial cleanser, Facial scrub, Eye cream, Tanning Booster, Lip balm and Moisturizer with Anti-Ageing properties.

Plisson Face Cleanser, 125 ml.
Refreshing and effective facial cleanser for all skin types.
Plisson Energizing Face Scrub, 100 ml.
Deep cleansing facial scrub that effectively removes dirt and impurities.
Plisson Moisturizing Fluid, 50 ml.
Light, moisturizing and nourishing lotion that doesn't grease.
Plisson Anti-Aging Cream, 50 ml.
Effective face cream. Moisturizes, soothes and has anti-aging properties.
Plisson Eye Contour, 20 ml.
Mild and moisturizing eye cream with anti-aging properties.
Plisson Lip Balm, 4,5 gr.
An ultra nourishing and protective lip balm for men.
Plisson Tanning Booster, 15 ml.
Apply this in your normal cream and achieve a nice glow in the skin.
Apply this in your normal cream and achieve a nice glow in the skin.
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