Musgo Real Lime Basil

At this site, you will find the exquisite products for shaving and personal care in the Lime Basil series from Musgo Real.

This fragrance series is of very high quality and made of the best ingredients to ensure the perfect shave.

The fragrance of Lime Basil is pure and fresh. It is one of combination of green notes, grated lime, fresh basil and a slight hint of mandarin to give a crisp, clean and warm scent.

So if you want products with a clean and discreet scent, this series is perfect. You will find Cologne, shaving cream and glycerine soap for the face.
Musgo Real Glycerine Soap for Face, Lime Basil, 165 gr.
Mild, cleansing and scented soap. Perfect for sensitive skin.
Musgo Real Shaving Cream, Lime Basil, 100 ml.
Solid shaving cream with a refreshing scent.